Miriam Clancy delivers a powerful reinvention – a melodic explosion of heart, rage and release.

After shifting camp from New Zealand to New York City, followed by a left-field move to the fringe of Appalachian Pennsylvania, Miriam Clancy has brought forth Black Heart – a melodic Gen X explosion of heart, rage and release reminiscent of the great female artists at the fore of 90's alt-music and the era's definitive sonic aesthetic.

The album is a reckoning of intensely personal stories of intergenerational history, longing, desire and shattered dreams, into which Miriam breathes life and texture. Her characters come to life through deft storytelling; beckoning vocals envelop and elevate the listener to each narrative of eleven different histories, where gallows humour and ethereal romance frame otherwise heavy themes of death, suicide, addiction, endings and beginnings.

Miriam says, “This record is a tsunami, a spiritual purge – smashing out my big feelings with an insight that growing up too soon has gifted me … It's also calling out the dependency most of us have with connectivity, FOMO and being overwhelmed with too much info—too accessible by our own compulsive hand and laying ourselves to waste.”

Black Heart captures the brilliance of Miriam and her telepathic band featuring Jeremy McDonald, Will Graefe and Mike Riddleberger as they move through intricate clouds of Clannad-esque guitars and vocals, twisting sparse folk-rock deep cuts into fleeting moments of Roxy Music influenced art-pop, and out again via a grand piano apocalypse. All pulled together and torn apart by Miriam's angelic voice, with pivotal moments drawn from her indie-folk beginnings.

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